Intelligent Road is a project designed to support the business community in the North by testing and improving their technology concerned with road safety and road-weather monitoring. The arctic, often characterized as a location of harsh climate and challenging environment, opens up also totally new business possibilities – road safety and road-weather monitoring being a good example.

Currently the road-weather Northern Scandinavia is monitored by road-weather stations (RWSs) and weather cameras. However, even though some initial steps have been taken, a system that would reliably gather and send information to the road-users is absent. In Intelligent Road, this kind of system is composed of technology located in identified key places.

This is how it looks like in practice!


Here you can see our cooperative partners and their role in the project:



Sten Löfving’s Optical RoadEye sensors are mounted in the vehicles in test sites allowing the gathering of current friction information that can be sent onwards or warn the driver of hazardous road weather. For more information see:





Sunit D7 Vehicle PCs are used for testing the communication between the RWS and the vehicle in Sodankylä. In order to communicate with the Road-weather-station the computer is complemented with an 802.11P-capable router. For more information see:



Rajd SysTech offers advanced tracking functions and measurement data transfers to customers where global positioning and measurement data is mission critical information. In the Intelligent road project Rajd SysTech is participating as a potential developer and supplier of the Intelligent Road system. For more information see:



Eistec is providing Embedded Internet Systems (EIS) with Bluetooth and 6LoWPAN connectivity that easily connects to existing infrastructures, and thus enable world-wide mobility for both the vehicle mounted sensors as the Road eye and a IR-thermometer, as well as for the iRoad pads used in Luleå and Sodankylä.


Intelligent Road Weather Station with Vaisala’s added instrumentation at Sodankylä measures road surface and air temperature, road surface moisture, air humidity, wind speed and direction, rain levels, friction, surface conditions, salt level and visibility. Also applied in the system are road weather camera and 3G system with communication capabilities between the Road-weather station and the vehicle.





Luleå Municipality is situated in the north of Sweden and has a varying winter climate. Because of the large amount of snow that comes every winter the Municipality has the ambition to provide one of Swedens best road winter maintenance to its residents. The streets in Luleå covers around 4 million square meters, this implies that if it snows 30 centimeter it is corresponding to 30 000 flatbed trucks with snow.

This makes the Luleå Municipality one of the main stakeholders of the Intelligent Road system to be able to inform the residents about the present road situation and what will happen in the next hours.



Kuljetus Kovalainen is a Transport company in North-Finland, originally from Pello. It has been in the business since 1990 and nowadays it own s 100 trucks and vans traversing about 30,000 km of Northern Finnish roads each day.

Long transporting distances, changing climate and challenging conditions make Kovalainen an ideal testing in Intelligent Road. In-vehicle friction sensors are mounted in Kovalainen trucks in order to gather and update road-weather data from longer distances.