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Arctic Power is acting as a project coordinator in Intelligent Road. Arctic Power is a research unit and a centre of expertise, solving challenges caused by the arctic conditions mainly by introducing technological solutions. Working very closely with the companies regionally and nationally, Arctic Power also seeks to find business and support new innovations that are taking advantage of the arctic conditions. The main expertise is in measuring and testing activities that are often linked to research and product development.

In Intelligent Road, Arctic Power is responsible of data gathering, processing, analyzing and visualizing as well as carrying out tests in Rovaniemi-site. The work is carried out together with Software Engineering Laboratory (pLAB.)

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Arctic Power and pLAB are a part of Lapland University of Applied Sciences


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The Arctic Research Centre (ARC) of Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) is located at Sodankylä in Finnish Lapland. It forms an FMI Arctic Research Division together with a research group in the main offices in Helsinki. Due to its high-latitude location, ARC provides ideal facilities for versatile observations of arctic low temperature conditions.

The role of FMI in Intelligent Road is to coordinate the work related to specifying the requirements of the Intelligent Road system. FMI is also carrying out local-level short-term weather forecasts in the test areas as well as working with road weather stations and other road-weather equipment.


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Luleå University of Technology is a leading technical university, and our research aims to provide opportunities and instruments for the construction of an attractive and sustainable society. One of the strong research and Innovation areas is sustainable transport that will depend on smart and innovative solutions to cope with an increase in the flow of goods at the same time as it will reduce the harmful effects on the environment and climate.

At LTU, research is focused on vehicle technology, maintenance systems, and vehicle testing operations in cold climates, road engineering and space technology. LTU plays a leading role in maintenance technology in the rail and road sectors, automotive testing and energy-efficient vehicle technology.

In Intelligent Road LTU is responsibility for the validation of the measurements as well as carrying out tests and road weather forecast at the Luleå-site.


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The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) are responsible for the government’s regional implementation and development tasks. Their role is to develop and support economically, socially and ecologically sustainable wellbeing alongside other operators. The values that all the ELY Centres share are customer orientation, competence, collaboration and openness.

Working toward safe and functional transport and traffic systems is the duty of Transport and infrastructure areas of responsibility in ELY Centres. Alongside other actors, the ELY Centre is responsible for ensuring the safety of daily travel and transport in a sustainable way. Improving road safety is the guiding principle in decisions on projects and measures.

In Intelligent Road, the ELY Centre of South-East Finland is mainly in a consultative role.

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